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20th EHU International Student Conference

An academic community oriented to the production of socially relevant critical knowledge, interdisciplinary cooperation, experimentation with forms of research work and a broad expertise in the processes underway in Eastern Europe proposes to together seek answers to the following questions:

  • De-centralising the University: Who Today Participates in the Battle for the Right to Produce Knowledge?
  • Re-imagining Central and Eastern Europe: What are the Effects of Political and Legal Transformations?
  • Framing Becomings: How to Develop Languages Through Which to Explain Contemporary Cultural Processes and Anthropological Shifts?
  • Designing Change: How Critical Theory Can Be Applied in the Development of Experimental Forms of Social Partnership
  • Digitalising Contemporaneity: How to Respond to the Epistemological and Pragmatic Challenges of Computer-mediated Reality?
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