Вступ 2018: рейтингові списки

Research units

Title Head
1 Research and Analytical Center for Political Studies «Vector» Head of Centre: Sc.D., Assoc.Prof. Yaryna Turchyn
2 RL-31 Research Laboratories Modeling of Architectural Objects Laboratory Director: Sc.D., Prof. Roman Kinash
3 Crystal Scientific and Research Center of Solid-State Electronics and Sensors Crystal Center Director of the Center: Sc.D., Assoc.Prof. Anatolii Druzhynin
4 SDO EMS Special Design Office of Electromechanical Systems Director: Ph.D., Senior Researcher, Assoc.Prof., Bohdan Kharchyshyn
5 State Enterprise «Certification Centre of products and services» Director: Myroslav Malovanyy