Portable System of Surveillance and Monitoring of the Remote Objects

Modern video transmission systems usually use cooper cables as transmission lines, and in some cases fiber optical cables are also used. Optical cable has no alternatives for video transmission for over 1 kmdistances.
Transmission systems with fiber optical cables are usually stationary. However, for some specialized applications there is a need to immediately deploy or minimize the transmission system, e.g. in the area, thus all the advantages of fiber cabling must be preserved. For this purpose we developed the mobile system for
high quality video transmission for long distances.

Основні переваги: 

long distances transmission up to 20 km or more;

high quality of the transmitted video;


autonomous power supply at the remote end.

Вирішує проблеми: 

transmission of high quality video for long distances; rapid deployment/ minimization of the transmission system in the area and its quick movement to another area or object.


joint refinement of the development to the industrial level.