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Working days of University staff: a regular conference of working staff took place in Lviv Polytechnic

26 Apr 2019, 10:20
Anastasiia Stepaniak (Mozhgova), Audytoriya weekly newspaper

Lviv Polytechnic held a regular conference of university working staff. On April 17, Polytechnicians gathered to hear a report on the implementation of the Collective to consider application for nomination candidacy regarding rector position of Polytechnic. All tasks were completed.

Volodymyr Haiduk, the Chairman of the trade union committee, reported on the Collective Agreement implementation. He noted that in general, the Agreement can be considered fulfilled and focused on the points with which they had some difficulties.

The working staff of IEM, ITRE, IMFS, IAPE, ICCT, IJPS, IPEC and a number of other departments, submitting the relevant documents, proposed on a post of rector to Polytechnic the current Acting Rector, Professor Yurii Bobalo. Many delegates of the Conference expressed support for Mr. Bobalo and the University staff supported such an initiative as well.