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We are ahead of foreign universities on some issues: Polytechnic hosted an international conference

12 Apr 2019, 13:09
Iryna Martyn, Audytoriya weekly newspaper

The IX International Scientific and Practical Conference on Management in Education was about the most important aspects of management in the education system of different levels.

The conference was attended by 120 participants from more than 20 higher education institutions of Ukraine, as well as foreign guests: Professor Jamshid Dehmeshki from Kingston University and Tomasz Wawrzyński from the Space University in Warsaw. On Skype-connection there were several other participants from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Spain and Italy. They talked about the peculiarities of work of their education institutions and the exchange programs that can be offered to our students.

During the conference, there were four sections to discuss the issues of the new Ukrainian school, the main parameters in Ukrainian higher education, innovative technologies in formal, non-formal, informal education and how to ensure the quality of vocational education.

It was about the improvement of pedagogues’ skills, the formation of information culture, differentiated learning, the impact of the Internet, the implementation of advanced technologies, in particular interactive, in the educational process and the innovative approaches in the study of academic disciplines. Students and postgraduate students joined plenary session, and postgraduate students, in particular those who study Management of Education Institutions, joined sections.