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Roksolana Kosiv, ICSIT graduate of Lviv Polytechnic: It seems I live not in Sweden but in Spotify

14 Mar 2019, 08:57
According to DOU.ua portal

Nowadays Roksolana Kosiv is an iOS Developer at Spotify Stockholm office, and it all started with Natural Sciences and Mathematics Lyceum in Dolyna city, Ivano-Frankivsk region. It was there the girl received an impetus to study diligently. At that time her life began to revolve around Mathematics and English. With the help of her father-programmer she decided to associate her future with programming and chose the new Software Engineering specialty at the Software Department at the Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies of Lviv Polytechnic.

In 2013, after her third year study, the girl planned to spend the summer under the Work & Travel program in America, but visa refusal prompted to do something in Ukraine. To find a job, for example. The path to iOS Developer started with an Android developer (trainee) job at Remit. This is a Swedish-Ukrainian company, where after her internship Roksolana was offered a job. While working there for almost two years, the girl traveled on business trips and got acquainted with Stockholm.

And in February 2018, the story of Spotify began.

Spotify is a digital music service that gives you assess to listen to music and podcasts legally. This is exactly the service that is still officially unavailable in Ukraine, although it was founded in 2006.

Roksolana did not plan to work at Spotify, or rather did not look for a job there intentionally. It found her – through LinkedIn. «Are you interested in an interview?», asked the recruiter. Of course, the girl was curious. She was not planning to move from Ukraine, because she was happy in Lviv (as it is recognized to be one of the most comfortable cities in Ukraine). But when there was an opportunity, why not try? Having an interview at this company is already a great experience.

The interview process lasted approximately two months. Job offer was sent in two weeks after the last interview. When Roksolana received the offer, she did not think for a long time – such opportunities do not happen often.

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