Вступ 2019: рейтингові списки

Meeting with Dr. Amir Fahmi from German University at the Department of Photonics

21 May 2019, 15:20
Department of Photonics

At the Department of Photonics took place a meeting with Dr. Amir Fahmi – professor at the Faculty of Technology and Bionics, Rhein-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

The purpose of the visit was to establish scientific contacts and cooperation in the field of research of nanostructured materials between the scientific group of Prof. Dr. Amir Fahmi and the researchers of the Department of Photonics of the Institute of Telecommunications, Radio Electronics and Electronic Engineering. Prof. Dr. Amir Fahmi told about his scientific group, and where he sees the reference points for cooperation between the Department of Photonics and the Faculty of Technology and Bionics. Head of the Department of Photonics Prof. Bobytskyi Ya.V. and Ass.Prof. Yaremchuk I.Ya. introduced the guest to the scientific achievements and interests of the department. Visit of Prof. Dr. Amir Fahmi took place in a friendly atmosphere and contributed to the establishment of scientific contacts. The possibility of common work and signing a cooperation agreement were discussed.