Вступ 2019: рейтингові списки

Four conferences organized by University will receive financial support from the Lviv Scientific Program

14 Mar 2019, 12:50
According to the Lviv City Council website

According to the Lviv City Council Decree No. 66 dated February 25, 2019, the Lviv Communal Enterprise «Lviv Convention Bureau» was entrusted to provide financial support to social and scientific projects which won the competition of social and scientific projects within the framework of the Lviv Scientific Program implementation for 2018–2019.

Among them there are four conferences organized by Lviv Polytechnic National University:

  • XIV International Scientific and Practical Conference on Computer Science and Information Technologies, September 10–13, 2019;
  • XX Jubilee International Conference on Computational Problems of Electrical Engineering, September 15–18, 2019;
  • International scientific and practical conference on Civic Activism of Ukrainian Migrants in Europe: United by New Challenges, October 24, 2019;
  • IX International Youth Science Forum «Science and Art» («Litteris et Artibus»), November 21–23, 2019.