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For the eighth time Polytechnicians were to Antarctic: two scientists from the Institute of Geodesy returned from the Antarctic expedition

16 May 2019, 11:15
Anastasiia Stepaniak (Mozhgova), Audytoriya weekly newspaper

On April 18, 24th seasonal Ukrainian Antarctic expedition to Antarctic Akademik Vernadsky station returned to Ukraine. It included two scientists from our university – Ihor Savchyn, assistant at the Department of Higher Geodesy and Astronomy, and Yevhen Shylo, assistant at the Department of Engineering Geodesy. They set up the first Ukrainian GNSS station in Antarctica.

The expedition lasted from January 18 to April 18 – this year it was an exceptionally long season. The expedition consisted of 26 scientists. In addition, there were already 11 people at the station, as well as two journalists and a writer who came there separately.

The researchers arrived at the beginning of the Antarctic summer, so they not only fulfilled, but also overdid everything they had planned – good sunny weather was constantly contributing to the work. Like last year, Polytechnicians had to monitor, in particular, to measure the geodynamic network to investigate changes in the tectonic structure.

Despite the fact that each of Polytechnicians had separate tasks (Ihor Savchyn – GNSS observation and installation of the station, Yevhen Shylo – aerial photography and glacier photogrammetry), they fulfilled everything together, as well as helped other scientists – provided geodetic services to all who needed them. They also did not forget about their geologist colleague who could not go to the expedition, so they took geological outcrop for the study of rocks.

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