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New opportunities for Lviv Polytechnic international cooperation as a result of participation in the Erasmus+ programme

10 Jul 2018, 14:18
Center for International Education of Lviv Polytechnic

In June 2018, the meeting of the heads of the Centers for International Education of Lviv Polytechnic Nataliya Hots and the Higher Vocational School in Nysa Anna Opalka was held as part of the Erasmus+ academic mobility training program in Polish city Nysa.

Anna Opalka and professionals from the Center Dagmara Boida and Elzbieta Boruch informed about international educational activities of the Higher Vocational School in Nysa, the recommendations of the European Union and the European Commission regarding its organization and practical implementation, the activities and structure of the Center for International Education in Nysa, as well as projects and programs which they implement. This is an important experience to improve the organization of international cooperation activities in Lviv Polytechnic. The relationship between the centers for international cooperation makes it possible to expand academic mobility of the universities within the Erasmus+ KA107 program.

Meetings with colleagues from foreign universities are always an exchange of information about opportunities for educational cooperation. Each university has its achievements, including scientific, and interesting educational relationships. The result of the meeting of representatives of the Centers for International Education of Lviv Polytechnic and Higher Vocational School is generation of new opportunities for both universities that are:

  • twice a year organize summer schools in Lviv Polytechnic, one of which may be in architecture, and the other – in management; Nysa offered to publish the materials of these events;
  • to participate in Visiting Professor program – higher mathematics teaching at the Department of Finance at the Higher Vocational School in Nysa;
  • to organize international internships for teachers of both universities.

There was a meeting with the head of the Industrial Engineering Department of the Higher Vocational School, the result of which was the proposal of a double diploma programme in the speciality «Quality, Standardization and Certification». The heads of the department intend to visit Lviv Polytechnic to implement this project.

Also there took place a tripartite meeting of representatives of Lviv Polytechnic and Higher Vocational School with Vijay Ramchandani representative of Senior Executive of Academic Support & Research Projects of Center for Heritage Management Ahmedabad University (India), which also participated in the Erasmus+ programme. During the meeting, they discussed the plan of trilateral education project within the Erasmus+, namely the course of Cultural Events Management. The universities expressed their intention to sign an agreement on cooperation between Lviv Polytechnic University and Ahmedabad University.

Thus, new relationships during the Erasmus+ programme are new opportunities for Polytechnic...