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GlobalLogic has assembled a full hall: future IT specialists attended a lecture by a company representative

29 Nov 2018, 14:20
Anastasiia Mozhgova, Audytoriya weekly newspaper

On November 21, Lviv Polytechnicians, future IT specialists, had an opportunity to attend a lecture by Anatolii Odukh, Senior Consultant, Engineering, GlobalLogic.

GlobalLogic is a well-known IT company in Ukraine and worldwide, which has been operating on the market for 15 years. The lecture «What did you miss when studying Android & Java» turned out to be very interesting and relevant to students, as the room No. 217 of the main building of the University was almost completely full. Students listened to the general comments of the specialist on IT training at universities and learned what theoretical knowledge and practical skills a programmer must have. Anatolii Odukh also told about the development of mobile devices and how on the basis of this knowledge to predict their future. In addition, students were told about the company, its projects and expertise of the Lviv office, as well as educational opportunities from #GlobalLogicEducation.