Prosvita members talked about Easter and educational work: «Prosvita» Board meeting was held

12 Apr 2017, 13:00
Nataliya Pavlyshyn, student weekly newspaper «Audytoriya»

Lviv Polytechnic «Prosvita» Board meeting, which was held on April 5, began with pleasant things – winners of the student contest for reciting Shevchenko’s poetry received their awards.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine sent a reply to the «Prosvita» letter about the state of teaching Ukraine-centered subjects and the language of teaching. It was said in the letter of reply that, based on the letters from educational and public organizations, a resolution on teaching certain subjects (Ukrainian and world literature) at school was adopted. It was also said that the official language is the language of education in Ukraine. The problem of teaching Ukraine-centered subject in higher educational institutions is being looked into, too.

The issue of celebrating 100th anniversary of Ukrainian revolution of 1917–1921 was also discussed. Prosvita members together with «Prosvita» People’s House are planning a trip to Hortytsya and to Zaporizhia Polytechnic in autumn.

Prosvita members also discussed Easter celebrations. They made greeting posters, which will be hung in Polytechnic buildings. They also urged all staff to wear vyshyvankas on Easter Tuesday. Apart from this, they suggest that students, who are citizens of Lviv, mobilize and organize a real Lviv Easter, with attending all the most interesting events, for those students, who came to study here from Eastern and Southern Ukraine.