Business comes to students: Institute of Computer Technologies, Automation and Metrology students had a meeting with Lviv businessmen

18 Apr 2017, 08:57
Kateryna Hrechyn, student weekly newspaper «Audytoriya»

Institute of Computer Technologies, Automation and Metrology leaders, Enterprise Council of Lviv Region and the Department of Job Placement and Relations with Industry organized a meeting of senior students with Lviv businessmen, who are successful on Ukrainian market against all odds.

According to Professor Mykola Mykyychuk, ICTA Director, Nataliya Hots, professor at the Department of Metrology, Standardization and Certification, organizer of the event, you should take into account employers’ demands, co-ordinate curriculum with them, work on specific scientific projects for them, in order to train students for specific business.

This time very serious people came to ICTA: Ihor Sehelyk, Instument Building Enterprises Association Head, private enterprise «Technology, communication and automation factory» director general, Andriy Yeremenko, «ILC, Ltd.» director, Centre for Recycling, economic director of «Aspol» Ukrainian Association of Printed Products Manufacturers, Bohdan Shevtsiv, «BEEM – Metalavtoprom» director general, Yuriy Storonskyy, director – constructor general, and Andriy Bisyk, «Ecotest» production director. The guests not only presented their enterprises but also suggested seeing students more often at the «personnel» centre (a platform for communication between job hunters and employers). They also invited students to do internship at their enterprises, told them about opportunities for employment and career growth, social security. The businessmen also urged students to create Ukraine at home and not to look for better life abroad. Anna Shevtsiv, «BEEM – Metalavtoprom» financial director, who graduated from the university six years ago, encouraged students to be proactive and not to be afraid of difficulties on their way to get a job.

The fact that business representatives initiated this public meeting is very positive: despite the opposition from oligarchs, Ukrainian business is slowly but surely starting to find its niche on Ukrainian market. They need young, proactive people, who are not afraid to undertake responsibility, to fight against this «many-headed hydra». Apart from this, there are still old experts, who are ready to share their experience with young professionals.

It was the second meeting of students and businessmen, supported by Vice-Rector Roman Korzh. There were also discussions with economists in the past. They collect ideas, listen to students’, Institute leaders’ and the Department of Job Placement and Relations with Industry’s opinions. They are ready not only to co-operate with institutes but also to help influence the training of pupils (after combining different subjects, pupils, will, in fact, learn none of them, which will affect the university admissions in a negative way), etc.