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Гуртки Малої технічної академії


Documents for the admission to postgraduate studies

For the admission to postgraduate studies in the University, the applicant shall submit the following documents in person:

  • application for entering the post-graduate program in a paper form;
  • degree certificates and copies of Master (Specialist) Diploma and Diploma Supplement;
  • list and copies of published scientific papers and patents for the inventions (the certificates of the authorship for inventions) in the chosen specialty; if there are no scientific papers and patents – the abstract of the chosen specialty;
  • letter of recommendation, written by the alleged scientific supervisor, with a valuation of the scientific works/abstract of the chosen specialty, agreed with the Head of the Department and Director of the particular Institute;
  • copy of the labor book certified at the place of employment;
  • personal data sheet certified by the stamp of the institution, in which the applicant is employed;
  • copy of the passport;
  • military identity card or assignment certificate – for persons liable for military duty;
  •  application about the consent to gathering and processing of the personal data. The forms of documents are published on the official website of the University.

When submitting documents the applicant is to show the original of passport.

When admitting individuals who submit a document on the level of education acquired abroad (hereinafter referred to as the Document), the procedure for recognizing and establishing the equivalence of the Document, implemented in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 504 of May, 5, 2015 “Certain issues of recognition of foreign documents on education in Ukraine”, registered at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on May 7, 2015, under No. 614/27059 is compulsory.

The postgraduate student should submit the labor book with a record about the dismissal due to the admission to postgraduate studies from the last place of employment within three days after the admission to postgraduate studies in person.